Tuesday, July 10, 2012

South Dakota

Pancakes were made on the back of out motorcycles for breakfast. Lunch in Custer, SD. Gas out here is weird because you can fill up before you pay! Needless to day we forgot to pay in Custer so we gave money to dad to pay them on his way back to Utah. Next stop Crazy Horse. Mount Rushmore is where Dad and we parted ways. We grabbed some power bars in Rapid City and headed out to Wall Drug then the badlands. We hit the badlands right at sunset. It was incredible. I can't believe this stuff is in America! We were way behind on schedule so we just rode. For hours. In the pitch black night. Don't always trust google maps is the moral of this story. My navigation system put us right in the middle of some guys farm at 1am. I hand entered some GPS coordinates I found on some guys blog and followed that. We setup or tents and passed out. This morning we were surprised to see where we stayed the night...

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