Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Minneapolis, MN

Today we got to hang out with the cousins. Kate and Jess are adorable and out of their minds. The youngest, Jess, has a family of imaginary brains that live in her head. They all have names and lives and she was sad because they all recently moved to Italy. The older of the two, Kate, is in love with an evil character from My Little Pony. Adorable as they are our intercom communication device was in shambles after being unattended for a few hours. Luckily their father, Spencer, is a genius fixing things (practice makes perfect in this household) and he got it back together even stronger than before. Showers, laundry, and a charging station for all our gear is just what the doctor ordered.

The only thing I forgot to pack was shoes. So wearing motorcycle boots, shorts, and a t-shirt I walked into Target and bought some sweet top of the line flip flops. Then we visited Dawnell and her lovely kids as they gave us a magic show and a tour of the house. They graciously lent us their minivan for the day so we could explore this cool city. We went to the 5-8 club and got their famous Juicy Lucy burger. Then we went off to see the Walker Art Center in downtown with the giant cherry spoon, the stone arch bridge which looks out over the Mississippi river and the old mill factories, and the lakes in the area. Dinner was had at Hell's Kitchen where the chandeliers had knives dangling from them and a live jazz band was playing. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone travelling the area. Tomorrow we head back out on the road to Madison!


  1. hey, you said nothing about the best part of Minneapolis: Your awesome uncle David.