Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Amber Waves of Grain

Four hundred and fifty miles of riding in one day should be the furthest we ever have to travel in a day on the whole trip. It was long and mostly monotonous. A lot of I-90. We started off in Pierre, SD where a nice man named Koz helped us tighten the chain on Kevin's bike and adjust the brake light. A measly $25 for piece of mind and we were off. We rode all the way to Chamberlain on some back roads that took us past a lake, an old broken down strip club for the local farmers called the "Prarie Chicken", and through some dusty construction zones. Then we took the interstate to Sioux Falls then up through western Minnesota to Minneapolis. Western Minnesota is beautiful rolling farmland covered in corn as far as the eye can see. Ever 30 miles or so we would need to slow down for a small town. From this point to Minneapolis the sun had gone down and we were riding in the dark. It's kind of calming at night, quiet and isolated, a nice break from the bustling daytime traffic. We arrived in Minneapolis a few minutes before midnight local time. 

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