Sunday, April 8, 2012

1979 Suzuki 425 LN - Decommissioned

1979 Suzuki 425 LN

I found this bike in a friend's aunt's backyard all covered in spider webs and weeds. I traded a Pina Colada SoBe for it. When we first cranked the engine over water shot out of the cylinders through the spark plug holes! I have no idea how it runs but it does. The only problem is if you let it idle too low it will shut off (this includes while driving it).

There was a lot of work to be done. I rebuilt the carburetors, checked the valves, cleaned out the fuel filter, added oil, replaced the spark plugs and the battery, adjusted the clutch lever, replaced most of the bolts on the engine, and re-seated the tires.

Before we leave we still need to coat the inside of the gas tank, reupholster the seat, new handlebars, weld foot pegs, drill out the broken oil drain plug and replace it, add new oil, replace the rear brakes, replace the broken speedometer cable, and last but not least it needs a new coat of paint.


I decided the bike was too high risk for such a long distance trip so I'm going to finish getting it road worthy and sell it to fund our trip.

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